Text Pieces

Developer's scratchpad

Powerful scratchpad with ability to perform a lot of text transformations, such as:

  • Calculate hashes
  • Encode text
  • Decode text
  • Remove trailing spaces and lines
  • Count lines, symbols and words
  • Format JSON and XML
  • Escape and unescape strings
  • Convert JSON to YAML and vice versa
  • Filter lines
  • And so on.

The application is extendable with your own script-based actions.


Explorar a interface

Transform text easily
Use a lot of pre-defined actions
Extend with your own actions
Actions are powerful with parameters


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Última versión 4.0.6 publicada o 18 de maio de 2024.

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  • Linux
  • Text Pieces
  • TextTools
  • Utility

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