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Isnasen i GNOME

Discover the best applications in the GNOME ecosystem and learn how to get involved.

Apps featured in this curated overview are all built with the GNOME philosophy in mind. They are easy to understand and simple to use, feature a consistent and polished design and provide a noticeable attention to details. Naturally, they are free software and have committed to being part of a welcoming and friendly community. These apps will perfectly integrate with your GNOME Desktop.

Asnas-a yezmer-asen i ibenkan izirazen. Apps supported on GNOME mobile devices are marked with the mobile icon.

Isnasen yesɛan azal

GNOME Core apps cover ordinary tasks on the GNOME desktop. They are usually pre-installed on your GNOME system.

Isnasen n twinest

GNOME Circle contains applications extending the GNOME ecosystem. It champions the great additional software that is available for the GNOME platform. Learn more about GNOME Circle.

Ifecka n tneflit

GNOME Development tools help develop and design new apps and make it easy to contribute to existing ones.

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