Editar de Markdown en estil

Focus on your writing with a clean, distraction-free markdown editor.


  • An UI tailored to comfortable writing
  • A distraction-free mode
  • Dark, light and sepia themes
  • Everything you expect from a text editor, such as spellchecking or document statistics
  • Live preview of what you write
  • Export to all kind of formats: PDF, Word/Libreoffice, LaTeX, or even HTML slideshows


Explorar l’interfàcia

Fenèstra principala
Main window in dark mode
Inserting a table with the help of the toolbar
The preview lets you see a live rendered version of your document
The focus mode allow for a more distraction-free experience

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    Manuel Genovés


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Darrièra version 3.1 sortida lo 2024 M06 28.

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  • Apostrophe
  • Linux
  • Office

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