Pika Backup

Simple backups based on borg

Doing backups the easy way. Plugin your USB drive and let the Pika do the rest for you.


  • Setup new backup repositories or uses existing ones
  • Create backups locally and remote
  • Save time and disk space because Pika Backup does not need to copy known data again
  • Encrypt your backups
  • List created archives and browse through their contents
  • Recover files or folders via your file browser

Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested borg-backup software.


Currently, scheduled backups are not supported. Excluding files from a backup via regular expressions and alike is not implemented yet. Pika Backup is designed to save your personal data and does not support complete system recovery.

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Najnovšia verzia 0.3.5 bola vydaná dňa 8. septembra 2021.


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