GNOME 的應用程式

發掘最好的 GNOME 生態系應用程式並了解如何參與其中。

Apps featured in this curated overview are all built with the GNOME philosophy in mind. They are easy to understand and simple to use, feature a consistent and polished design and provide a noticeable attention to details. Naturally, they are free software and have committed to being part of a welcoming and friendly community. These apps will perfectly integrate with your GNOME Desktop.

應用程式支援行動裝置 支援 GNOME 行動裝置的應用程式會有這個標記。


GNOME 核心應用程式涵蓋了 GNOME 桌面日常的使用情境。通常會預裝在 GNOME 系統當中。


GNOME Circle contains applications extending the GNOME ecosystem. It champions the great additional software that is available for the GNOME platform. Learn more about GNOME Circle.


GNOME 開發工具能協助開發和設計新的應用程式,也能輕鬆地為現有的應用程式做出貢獻。

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